Augmented reality as an advanced feature of phones

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Augmented reality as an advanced feature of phones

This pandemic the only constant companion that helped us from falling into complete despair and prevented us from falling prey to depression was our phone. We can't forget the Games , video calls , the selfies that actually kept us occupied with fun filled times rather than getting bored to death. Once or twice you must have opened Snapchat and used the filter. Those filters are based on Augmented reality or might have played a game l which uses Augmented reality. There are so many possibilities Augmented reality brings with your Mobile phone.

Enhancing the real world with the digital world efficiently using the hardware and software through your mobile phone's camera is really interesting and magical. It blends reality with digitization. It helps shape and design the real scenario with animated and augmented personalized visualization making it all interesting and fun.

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FixMyGadgets - Augmented reality as an advanced feature of phones

Mobile AR is all about proper application of the visualization through the mobile phone’s camera which can sometime be very challenging as some Mobile phone’s only captures 2D images and its gets really difficult for the AR to implement it into a 3D visualisation .Another problem that arises is GPS tracking for AR to perform well GPS tracking should sum up with high accuracy which can sometimes be very difficult to achieve . these hardware issues are just one side of a coin along with the hardware issues comes the software issues that brings its fair share of problems for the developers .Even though with the launch of GoogleARCore and Apple’s ARKIT its a relief for developers to find a solution , its safe to say that in near future all these issues will be nothing but a nightmare that lasted quite some time in a grand process of advancement of Mobile phones but we got over it.

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Terms and Conditions

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