About FMG

The one stop solution or Multi-brand Gadget Services as we are country’s leading onsite mobile repair service provider.

We offer world class mobile phone repairing services for all branded smartphones & tablets, across India through our dedicated outlets, being specialized in certified technicians, quality spare parts, warranty on repair and 24X7 customer support.

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About FixMyGadgets

Smartphones and laptops drive pretty much every aspect of our lives today. From being alarm clocks, to diaries and notepads, cameras, communication means, and even virtual hangout places, it is impossible to imagine a day without these best buddies. And when they fail to function, no wonder our lives go into a turmoil. Finding a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution for repair of these gadgets is a problem that plagues many and that precisely, is what we love to help you with.

FixMyGadgets Tech Services (FMG) FixMyGadgets was founded and designed in 2015 for B2B and B2C with the idea of giving consumers unmatched quality repair services and reliable technical support for electronic gadgets Smart Phone, Tablets & Laptops. The aim is to focus on becoming a one-stop shop for all gadgets related services which is 'convenient', 'agile', 'reliable' and 'pocket friendly' to the end user. Our team of trained and certified technicians work tirelessly to get your gadget back in shape, while serving you online and at your doorstep. Our customer requirements are keys to us & we are determined to provide the Best in Class –Optimized Quality Solutions, Performance Results & Operational Excellence to provide Profitable Solutions to customers who come to us. We are committed to delivering top notch customer services and strive continually to be the most preferred destination for smartphone and laptop repairs through our services that are 'convenient', 'agile', 'reliable' and 'pocket friendly’.



Quality in everything we do, Quality in Optimizing Business Processes, Operational Processes, Workforce Processes, Workflow Processes. We are determined to demonstrate that maintaining quality in every single process is Economical, Profitable, Result Oriented and single measuring metric that balances all other equations.



We are dedicated to our customers and our staff and ensuring that FMG is much more than just a business. It’s a great place to work and a relief to customers who are worried that there is no coming back from the damage they may have had inflicted on their expensive devices.



We are an organization driven with passion and value for quality, time & performance; to optimize industry processes & operational excellence in the services we provide; yielding optimized measurable results, that meets & exceeds.

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