LeEco mobile service center in Bangalore

LeEco is a leading global company that is well known for its breakthrough technology and seamless content experience. The LeEco range of products are digital pioneers that bring together devices, content, applications, and distribution through a first of its kind ecosystems. The LeEco range of phones exemplify the commitment of this brand to innovativeness and extraordinary experiences.

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General LeEco Fixes

Our service team is geared to provide end to end and cost-effective solutions for troubles that you face with your LeEco mobile device. No matter the component - screen, mic, power button, volume button, battery, casing, or even software, our best in class service team resolves your problem in a quick and hassle-free manner.Does your LeEco phone trouble you with any of the following? No worries, we can fix it for you.

  • Defunct camera
  • Battery or charging problems
  • Damaged casing
  • Improper display
  • Broken screen
  • Speaker or mic issues
  • Software related problems
  • Water damage
leeco mobile service center in bangalore

General LeEco Services

Product Variants

Our services are available for the following product models of LeEco:

LeEco mobiles

FixMyGadgets - The Best Mobile Service Center

All of us make mistakes that harm our LeEco gadgets. At different occasions, these gadgets create defects on account of normal wear-and-tear. FixMyGadgets was destined to address these issues in the most productive and sparing way, sparing LeEco gadget clients from putting resources into replacements that regularly cost high and difficult to obtain.

We've made considerable progress from being a small group to a bigger team now. Our experienced groups of specialists are prepared to fix gadgets and also make sure to deliver good customer service at each of their projects. As a leading LeEco Mobile Service Center in Bangalore, our group understands the significance of giving the best service to our clients. No Matter if it's a broken screen, water harm or some other issue with your phone – FixMyGadgets is always there to save you and your gadget the same day.

Know About - LeEco and FixMyGadgets

LeEco is a Chinese multinational organization established by Jia Yueting, the author of Le.com (formerly LeTV). The team keeps up business in video calling, customer hardware, for example, cell phones, brilliant TVs, VR, electric bikes, electric autos, film generation and conveyance, cloud benefit, land, wine, retail, ecommerce, and different business.

We are an expert multiband out-of-guarantee device care centre. We handle all major Mobile phones and tablet brands which may have any issues technical or physical including Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, Micromax, Nokia, Sony , LG , Motorola, and many more. Fix the complex issue from the India’s No 1 online mobile repair Bangalore.

Terms & Conditions


Please be aware that we do not carry out warranty repairs on LeEco phones. If your device is covered under warranty, we advise that you contact the original supplier, or the LeEco authorised support to get your gadget fixed.

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