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During this digital era Laptops and computers are the most important part of life. Especially this Work from home culture made it mandatory for us to always keep our Laptops and computers handy and ready all the time. Having a smoothly working gadget is a necessity , but electronics gadgets are unpredictable and it is natural that they might face problems.Fret not ! Fix My gadget is there to help you seek out any solution to the problem you face with your Laptops and computers. We provide onsite servicing and free pickup and delivery ofthe Laptops and computers.

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General Laptop_Macbook_Computer Fixes

Our team of technicians at Fix My Gadget is equipped to provide end-to-end solutions for repair and maintenance of your laptops , Macbook and computers . Their skills and expertise help in providing you timely and cost-effective solutions for component level problems like broken screen or defunct mics, to software errors, liquid ingress (damage from liquids), and so on. Do your laptops or computer have any of these problems? If yes, we are here to help.

  • Broken Screen
  • Mouse pad does not work
  • Laptop does not get charged
  • Not turning on
  • Overheating
  • Data loss
  • Inability to connect to Wi-fi / Internet
  • Camera does not work
  • Damaged Keyboard of laptop
  • Broken or damaged frame
  • Software does not update
Laptop_macbook_computer Gadget Services

Product Variants



MacBook Pro (13-inch,), MacBook Pro (16-inch), MacBook Pro (15-inch), MacBook Pro (15-inch), MacBook Pro (15-inch), MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch)



HP Pavilion,HP Envy, HP Spectre, HP ProBook, HP EliteBook, HP EliteBook, HP Omen , HP Stream, HP Chromebook



Dell Inspiron series, Dell XPS Series , Dell Vostro series ,Alienware Laptops series ,Gaming Laptops - G Series



Legion 5., Ideapad Flex 5., Yoga Slim 7, Thinkpad E14, ThinkBook 14., Legion 5Pi.



ZenBook Series, VivoBook Series, VivoBook Gaming Series, Republic of Gamers (ROG) Series, ASUS TUF Gaming Series.

How FixMyGadgets make versatile life basic?

When you choose FixMyGadgets Laptop/computer Repair Service in Bangalore you don’t have to get stressed over living with a broken gadget. The moment you meet up with an innovation related crisis, contact us. Our experts can repair all Laptops and PCs . We are specialized in knowing how to settle relatively every sort of Laptop/Computer, despite whatever brand it belongs to.

FixMyGadgets gives end-to-end solutions and skilled administration for your devices. Our clients are communications organisation’s, retailers and manufacturers and we serve their purchaser clients with devotion. If you aren't sure what is going on with your gadget, you have the alternative to bring it into a FixMyGadgets area for a free diagnosis and quick repair.

Importance of Your Gadgets

We comprehend that your gadgets are very much attached to your life. You rely on these appliances to work and play. At the point when your personal stuff is disturbed, everything becomes lost. We concentrate on upgrading and managing your critically associated way of life. Each electronic gadget plays a role to address your daily issues and we see how disappointing it is at the point when one of these important assets stops working – particularly when it's an issue that you can't pinpoint.

Regardless of whether your mobile phone has a broken screen, or you require a battery substitution, have a damaged charging port, a terrible home button, or whatever other general damages that makes you insane, our specialists can deal with it. Looking for the iPhone Service? Reach FixMyGadgets which is the leading iPhone repair in Bangalore.

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Please be aware that we do not carry out warranty repairs on devices under warranty. If your device is covered under warranty, we advise that you contact the original supplier, or theAuthorised support to get your gadget fixed.

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Is there something that has struck your mobile / tablet ranging from minor mobile faults like signal issues to major issues like motherboard repair?

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