Micromax Mobile Repair Service Center

Micromax is one of the leading consumer electronics company in India. It is specifically known for its offering in the budget segment. The brand, in addition to its feature phones and smartphones, manufactures tablets and two-in-one devices. Products from Micromax resonate the lifestyle and dynamism of the youth.

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General Micromax Fixes

Our team of technicians at Fix My Gadget is equipped to provide end-to-end solutions for repair and maintenance of your Micromax phones and tablets. Their skills and expertise help in providing you timely and cost-effective solutions for component level problems like broken screen or defunct mics, to software errors, liquid ingress (damage from liquids), and so on.Does your Micromax phone or tablet have any of these problems? If yes, we are here to help.

  • Broken Screen
  • Touch screen does not work
  • Phone does not get charged
  • Overheating
  • Data loss
  • Inability to connect to Wi-fi
  • Camera does not work
  • Damaged power button, home button, or volume button
  • Broken or damaged frame
  • Software update issues
micromax mobile repair solution

General Micromax Services

Product Variants

Our services are available for the following product models of Micromax:

Micromax mobiles


Yu Yureka Plus (YU5510A), Yu Yureka (AO 5510), Yu Yunique (YU4711), Fire 4(A107), Canvas Xpress 4G (Q413), Canvas Xpress 2(E313), Canvas Spark Q380, Canvas Spark 2(Q334), Canvas Selfie 3 (Q348) , Canvas Selfie 2(Q340), Canvas Selfie (A255), Canvas Pulse(E451), Canvas Pulse 4G (E451), Canvas Play 4G (Q469), Canvas Nitro 4G E455, Canvas Nitro 3 (E352), Canvas Nitro 2(E311), Canvas Mega 4G (Q417), Canvas Juice 4(Q382), Canvas Juice 3(Q392), Canvas Juice 3 Plus (Q394), Canvas Fire 3 (A096), Canvas Amaze Q395, Canvas 5 (Q450), Bolt Q338, Bolt Q333, Bolt Q331, Bolt A069, Bolt A065, Canvas Knight A350, Canvas Knight Cameo A290, Canvas Turbo A250, Canvas Gold A300, Canvas Doodle 2 A240, Canvas 4 A210, X660, X650, X560, X501, X458, X457, X456, X455, X454, X446, X396, X367, X337, X10, Unite A092, Unite 3, Unite 2 A106, Ninja A91, Mad A94, Canvas Xpress A99, Canvas XL2 A109, Canvas XL A119, Canvas Win W121, Canvas Turbo Mini A200, Canvas Power A96, Canvas Nitro A311, Canvas Nitro A310, Canvas L A108, Canvas Juice A177, Canvas Juice 2, Canvas HD Plus A190, Canvas Fire A104, Canvas Fire A093, Canvas Entice A105, Canvas Engage A091, Canvas Elanza A93, Canvas Elanza 2 A121, Canvas Duet 2, Canvas Doodle A111, Canvas Doodle 4, Canvas Doodle 3 A102, Canvas Blaze, MT500, Canvas Blaze HD A116, Canvas 4 Plus A315, Canvas 2.2 A114, Canvas 2 A120, Canvas 2 - A120, AE90, A99, A98, A92, A90S, A311, A118, A117, A116, A115, A113, A110, A103, A101, A100

Micromax tablets


P255 Mini Tablet

FixMyGadgets - The Most noteworthy Quality Customer Service

As an industry pioneer, FixMyGadgets has a clear spotlight on our client. With our good Google rating, we deliver good customer service which is well beyond the client’s expec-tations. Our main aim is to give remarkable administration and service to our clients that can improve, and support, the portable life of our clients.

Trust, expertise, and sympathy frames the slogan of FixMyGadgets Micromax mobile Repair Center in Bangalore. We work as per the industrial standards and with the same per-fection. FixMyGadgets experts cultivate a good client connection by imparting and deliv-ering high quality services under reasonable prices. From the minute you book a service with FixMyGadgets, our only aim is to get your phone fixed. FixMyGadgets is so certain about the nature of our spare parts and the workmanship, that we offer our clients, a life to your gadgets (aside from with water harm).

FixMyGadgets - The Mobile Service Center

FixMyGadgets considers your security as very important. Our professionals have been subjected to go through good screening and training. Also, a background check would be made before their hiring. We will never go through any of your own information (e.g. con-tacts, messages, photographs, etc.). We are the best Micromax mobile repair Center in Bangalore.

The extraordinary repair quality performed by FixMyGadgets professionals is guaranteed by Chief Industry Driving Confirmations and Superior parts. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, iPad or a MacBook, just the highest quality parts are used in each repair. Maintain-ing a client’s trust is the foremost Moto of ours. We ensure that our clients are cent percent satisfied.

Terms & Conditions


Please be aware that we do not carry out warranty repairs on Micromax phones and tablets. If your device is covered under warranty, we advise that you contact the original supplier, or the authorised Micromax support to get your gadget fixed.

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