FMG is a company among the pioneers. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers.

Success is measured against the possible, not the probable. For today’s pioneers, that’s exactly why there’s no place on Earth they’d rather build than FixMyGadgets.

Business Development Executives

Minimum 2 years

Enhance Your Business Skills and Transform Goals into Powerful Results. Transform and empower yourself with new ways to think strategically, extend your influence, and have a greater impact in your organization.

Business Development Manager

Minimum 6 years

As the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts, a successful business development manager is a highly-prized asset to any company and so is ours. All you need is a Proven working experience as a business development manager, sales executive or a relevant role.

Mobile Technicians

L3, L4, Apple and Android phones

A mobile phone technician should carryout proper fault diagnosis to improve the quality of the phone. He must also carry out repairs on mobile phones to improve the phones' productivity; should provide advice and recommendations about phones. If you possess all of these Apply Now!

Laptop Technicians

L3, L4

If you are an expert in repairing computer, monitors, printers, scanners and its other components; troubleshooting the computer systems, hard drive crashes, malfunctioning software and also installing the required software, make a place for yourself at FixMyGadgets.

Sales Executives

(0-3 years)

If you have a strong oral and written communication,Qualities such as analytical, presentation, time-management and customer-service skills, as well as confidence and motivation and ability to work in a wide variety of environments with the willingness to travel, then you are more suitable for us.

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