Donate your old Gadgets

to someone who needs them

An FMG initiative towards making greener world

Amid this pandemic we all have suffered a lot. Every phase of life has been dismantled and new cultures have started. While maintaining social distancing many have been distanced further away from their loved ones and daily life. Work from home culture took a fresh start , childrens got deprived of going to school and colleges and online education took its place. Digitization remained the only way to stay connected and stay updated. But how many of us are really privileged to get online or talk to loved ones or attend online classes. In our country where the poverty rate is so high where people can't even bear basic necessities, how will it be possible for them to have a means to connect online?

Today having a phone is also a basic necessity for everyone. Some of us are privileged enough to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology. We keep updating our gadgets and discarding out old gadgets. If you too are among those who have an old smartphone lying in your drawer that is of no use to you , there are least chances of them coming out in use for you. So what can be done with those oldies ? Well! Fix My gadgets has come up with an initiative to help those people in need who require a phone but cannot afford to buy one.

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What you can do is take a few minutes out of your busy schedule, go to this link Donate now and fill in your details and the brand and model of the old phone that is of no use to you , you can even call on our number 8088890890 and provide the details and location. After that our team member will visit your location and retrieve the phone from you. We will then diagnose and repair that phone and make it usable again and then that device will be donated to someone who is deprived and is in dire need of a phone.

We request you not to throw your phone away like any other garbage. There is a proper process of disposing of your old cell phones and we are willing to take care of that as well.We are on a mission of providing digital means to those who are in need like those students who are having online classes but can't afford to buy a phone or those people who are separated from their family but can't afford to have a phone to stay connected with them. Phone can be a lifesaver.

By donating your phone you are not just helping a needy person but also helping your environment by cutting off extra pollution and carbon footprints. This is the time to actually utilize those old unusable, unwanted waste devices to spread some happiness and actually help someone who might need what you don’t need anymore.

This Christmas, be someone's secret santa! Donate your old phones and bring a smile.

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