Location Tracking Technology

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Location Tracking Technology

You must have come across applications that ask your permission to track your location. It is not a secret that Mobile phones are tracking your location using GPS with your permission.There are many apps that cant even be used to their complete potential without allowing the location tracking like UBER , but there are some apps that might not even need the location information and yet ask your permission to access your location. The main reason for that is some of those apps share your location data with third parties to increase their marketing capabilities.

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Location tracking details give an idea to the business to target a specific location based audience enhancing their campaigns and providing the audience with more options and choices. Location based technology in our mobile phones have made our lives so easier and simpler. You name a place and can find a route there. Want to share a ride, use a location based transportation app and book a ride. Stuck at some unknown location turn on your GPS and track the nearest commute or send your location to someone concerned.Location tracking is an example of an amazing tech advancement in the niche of mobile phone’s technology .

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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