New horizon of the Phone technology advancement

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New horizon of the Phone technology advancement

Commencement of artificial Intelligence in the Phone.

Technology advancement never ceases to amaze us. AI being the latest advancement

Okay, Google! call Alexa.

Hey Alexa! dim the lights.

Hey Siri! play the music

Siri, Alexa, Google assistance, Cortana, they are the AI used in phones. How easy and efficient they have made life. You need to make a call, command the AI on your phone; you need to listen to music, set an alarm, mark a date, just command them and it will be done. It’s not a faraway concept when Siri will command and puppeteer us, relax! I was just kidding. The usage of AI in phone technology helps developers understand and optimize the user experience. Making your phone using experience easier, fun and better. Lots of businesses are using this technology for the promotion and advertising by using the details to target a specific niche of audience.

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FixMyGadgets - New horizon of the Phone technology advancement

This expands the horizon of Phone technology for the businesses and the users making your phone a powerful gadget, your phone becomes your robot that follows your command and does whatever you want it to do except dancing (pun intended). This almost magical update in your phone collects your data through an AI of voice recognition and what you are searching over the internet with voice commands.

This might make you eager that your data is being collected but the AI only collects the data that is being commanded for, let’s take this as an example: I am facing a software problem in my phone and command Siri to find a service centre near me in Bangalore that does onsite servicing it suggest me Fix me Gadgets and provide me with the phone number 8088890890. After a while I command Siri to call Fix my gadget and Siri will connect me to them (By the way Fix My Gadget provides really quick service). In this entire process the AI will collect the data of my search and business will use that to show relevant advertisements, developers will use that data to enhance the user experience and your personal data remains safe.

Evolving Technology brings out new scope and ideas with the upgradation and ease of use.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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